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Welcome to 6506 Post Page

Honor, Courage, Commitment!

Charles Evering is the largest post in the state of Maryland and the seventh largest in the country. Starting out in a two room school house in 1946, it has been one of the best posts in Maryland for over sixty years. Charles Evering has a history of serving the Veterans and the community over the years.

Message from Post Commander Gregg A. Morrison

Hello Comrades,
I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Because of the past Commander’s resignation, I became the new Post Commander on October 30th.
I would like to welcome aboard the new Sr. Vice Commander, John Harris, and we will soon have a new Jr. Vice Commander.
I would also like to welcome aboard our new Night Kitchen Manager, John Giorgilli.
I am excited about the direction the Post Officers and Executive Board have planned. As many of you know, our property is outdated and in need of renovation.
We have a vision of upgrading our Post to something we can all be proud of. We are beginning a campaign for Corporate donations to get the ball rolling soon. We have hope that the membership of this Post will stand with us in the many changes that may be coming in the future.
Comrades, as we look to moving this Post forward, membership continues to be a hot topic. We have lost many members recently, removed from the rolls as deceased, and we need to continue working hard to bring in new members. So continue to talk to friends, neighbors and co-workers who may be eligible to join our Post.
I’d like to say Thank You Very Much to all our volunteers because without them we could not operate our Post on a daily basis, and we are always looking for more volunteers to help
around the Post.
We have some great Post functions over the next 3 months, make sure you check the calendar. Hope you can come out for
some fun and support the Post.

Message from Post Quartermaster 

Bill York

Quartermaster's Call to Action

Hello everyone! As we progress through the busy holidays and into the cold of winter, please remember that we are still awaiting volunteer survey responses. If you cannot locate your copy, stop by the post to pick up a new one. The Executive Committee is beginning to think about the projects that will be needed to spruce up our Post in the Spring!
As we move into 2014, I would like to challenge each of you to recruit just one person into the Post as a VFW or Auxiliary member. Ask a friend, relative or acquaintance who has served to come in and experience our Post. But don’t stop there - spouses, children and grandchildren are eligible for Auxiliary membership based on your service! We are working hard to maintain our core membership while growing our younger membership for the future sustain-
ability of our Post.
If you haven’t visited in a while, come on in and see your old friends or to meet some new ones! My favorite saying is “We hate to lose a veteran, but we hate even more to lose the entire family.”
Our Post is our community, through numbers we are strong!

New Manager On board

So the Charles Evering VFW has an awesome new manager , who challenged the employees today to recruit new members. Veterans, Ladies Auxiliary or Men's Auxiliary members. New or transfers, so if anyone out there is interested in joining the VFW in any capacity, let me know! I have been the Post biggest recruiter this year and I would like to see every member recruit at least one other veteran or family member to make our Post the largest most active Post in the Country!
Photos from our Veteran's Day Celebration can be found here.
Veteran's Day 2013

Celebrating Veterans Day

Debbi Mullinix's dear, WWII vet, Uncle Austin, with one of the wonderful Air National Guard's officers.(William York). He has offered to pick Uncle Austin up Monday and bring him to the Veteran's Day celebration/ service on Monday, and the event may possibly be on tv.

 Uncle Austin is the second-oldest member at the Charles Evering VFW Post 6506 . The oldest member is 92, and Uncle Austin will be 90 in March, 2014.

Ravens Roost 50
They will be doing their annual Feed the Families Thanksgiving Drive on Saturday the 23rd at 8am, here at Charles Evering VFW Post 6506.
You can contact someone from the Roost on their website
Please come out and help our local families in need!